Professional Opportunities with Linux Today

If you want to develop an idea for a computer-related research project or technology company, where do you begin? You begin with an idea. After that, you look for the tools you need to explore and eventually create your vision. Then, you look for others to help you during that creation process.
Today, the hard costs of starting a company like Google or Facebook include just a
computer, a connection to the Internet, and enough caffeinated beverage of your choice to keep you up all night writing code. If you have your own world-changing idea, Linux and thousands of software packages are available to help you build your dreams. The open-source world also comes with communities of developers, administrators, and users who are available to help you.
If you want to get involved with an existing open source project, projects are always looking for people to write code, test software, or write documentation. In those projects, you will find people who use the software, work on the software, and are usually willing to share their expertise to help you as well.
But whether you seek to develop the next great open-source software project or simply want to gain the skills needed to compete for the thousands of well-paying Linux administrator or development jobs, it will help you to know how to install, secure, and maintain Linux systems.
So, what are the prospects for Linux careers? “The 2014 Linux Jobs Report” from the Linux Foundation ( surveyed more than 1,100 hiring managers and 4,000 Linux professionals. Here is what the Linux Foundation found:
Linux talent is a high priority—Hiring people with Linux expertise is a priority for 77 percent of hiring managers.
■ Career advancement with Linux—As for career opportunities, 86 percent of Linux professionals reported that Linux knowledge increased career opportunities.
More Linux recruiting—Of the hiring managers surveyed, 46 percent reported that they planned to increase recruitment of Linux talent from the previous year (up 3 percent from the previous year).
The major message to take from this survey is that Linux continues to grow and create demands for Linux expertise. Companies that have begun using Linux have continued to move forward with Linux. Those using Linux continues to expand its use and find that cost savings, security, and the fl flexibility it offers continue to make Linux a good investment.

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